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Large REPLACEMENT Fuf (Foof) Chair Cover
Item# 10-0010C
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Large REPLACEMENT Fuf (Foof) Chair Cover
Spice up a room with a new cover for your Large Fuf (Foof) Chair! Choose from several different fabrics and dozens of colors. Neutrals, pastels, brights, and patterns are all available. Achieve the look you want—either light and fun, classy and sophisticated, bright and cute, or a touch of elegance. Your new Large Fuf (Foof) Chair cover can help you achieve it.

Each Fuf (Foof) item is custom made according to your color and fabric choices. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for manufacturing and delivery.

Please Note: If your current Fuf (foof) chair does not have a size tag, please measure the zipper to determine the correct size. The Large (4-foot) Fuf (Foof) chair generally has a zipper length between 46" to 48". If you have questions, please call or send an email before ordering.

Measures 48” x 48” x 36” tall

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